Genius Gifts for Fathers Day


Fathers Day Gifts

Fathers Day is all about showing love and appreciation to the ones you look up to, so it's important to find a gift that will put a smile on his face, so he knows just how much he mean to you. If you have a dad, grandad or partner who says he doesn't want or need anything for Father's Day this year, we suggest not listening to them and find a genius Father's Day gift that is fun, practical and not too expensive, well, we have the perfect solution to all three right here. We are talking about underwear....

Yes, specifically, funky printed mens boxer shorts that are not just your everyday essentials, but boxer shorts that any man would love to wear and feel a million pounds in.  


Why buy underwear for Fathers Day?
  • Every dad wears underwear on a daily basis.
  • It's rare that dads will but their own underwear.
  • Underwear won't break the bank account
  • Your dad will look and feel fashionable.
  • The underwear prints are so cool!


Men can be very set in their ways when it comes to their underwear, and that's ok. There are many styles to choose from, so remember to find out what style he prefers to wear. Either a brief, boxer, trunk or boxer short. If you aren't sure of the differences, take a look at the Types of Men's Underwear >

There is also a choice when it comes to underwear fabric. Generally, a lot of mens underwear is made from Cotton as it is renowned for softness and comfort. But you can also get Modal and Microfibre fabrics that offer 4-way stretch with a soft silky texture and is widely used in printed fabrics and sportswear to keep its shape, comfort and moisture-wicking properties. If he hasn't tried this fabric before, we highly recommend buying him a pair to try, as most men who wear them, always end up buying more! 

Another question, would be what size to get him? It's good to find out his waist size or even just what size he wears in his underwear. Most underwear brands are sized Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL anyway, which makes it a lot easier to buy for. 

Find out top 5 tips to buying underwear for him >


Mens Underwear Inspiration

Below are some of our top underwear picks that will make great Fathers Day gifts for him. They are all made from incredibly soft stretch Modal fabric or organic Cotton for a comfortable and supportive fit with a high quality soft jacquard waistband. These prints will revolutionise a mans underwear drawer and bring him right on trend. 


Pictured Above: Waxx Camel Boxer Short - £20


Picture Above: Waxx Creamy Boxer Short - £20


Pictured Above: Pull-In Pasteque Cotton Boxer Short - £35

Pictured Above: Pull-In Combattant Boxer Short - £35



Fathers Day Socks

If underwear doesn't quite hit the spot for your dad, you can always get him a special pair of printed socks that are just as funky and made from Cotton rich fabric. Just like underwear, socks can be made into great gifts for your dad, grandad or partner with fashionable prints and patterns they wouldn't normally buy themselves. We know they wear socks on a daily basis and what man wouldn't want a new pair to spice up his sock drawer!



Picture Above: Drake & Hutch Rubber Duckie Socks - £8


Pictured Above: Pull-In Fraise Stripe Long Socks - £15



Pictured Above: Drake & Hutch Orange Polka Socks - £8



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