Boob Positivity: Wardrobe Essentials for Unique Necklines

Guest Post by Braza Fashion Solutions

Hello Ladies! Allow us to introduce ourselves - we're Braza, a fashion and lingerie solutions brand with over 35 years in the biz. We've  been designing backless, strapless bras, enhancers, clothing & body tape and so much more, to help women look and feel their best. We're honoured to be part of the Boob Positivity campaign and are absolutely thrilled to be a guest blogger! Today we're chatting about one of our favourite topics: comfortably supporting the ladies while wearing awkward styles. (Think deep-plunge, backless and one-shoulder) Ready, set...let's dive in!


First up is one of our favourite looks: The H-O-T deep plunge neckline! We know what you maybe thinking...How do you keep the girls in place (and bounce-free!) when strutting your stuff in this sexy ensemble? We recommend supporting your breast with Lovely Lift! This reusable backless, strapless, stick-on silicone solution is your go-to for lift, enhancement and support. You'll fall in love with this lightweight style staple for its freedom of fashion (and freedom of movement!) complete with a unique underwired for unbeatable support you won't find elsewhere.




Next on our list is a real head-turner: the backless top! This oozes confidence and is top pick when wanting to make a statement. But, one o the most common questions we hear is "How can I comfortably and confidently wear backless styles without a supportive traditional bra?" Well, we've got the answer: Braza Bra, the original strapless, backless, stick-on bra. This comfortable and reliable problem-solver is perfect for all your backless, strapless fashions. Plus, if your low-back or backless top has a plunging neckline, you can cut this bra to fit your unique style. With over 50 million sold, you know it's something to share with your girlfriends!




Our third and final look is a two-for-one: a one-shoulder dress with a sweetheart neckline. This pretty pink number is all about the sass and sophistication. But, finding the perfect bra can be a bit challenging with this tricky silhouette. Our suggestion? Deep Plunge Bra to the rescue! This bra is one of our most versatile products that works with so many difficult necklines. You'll swoon over this backless, strapless adhesive bra for its can't-be-beat support and shaping. Designed with large, reusable silicone adhesive wings for secure and dependable support and a silicone adhesive around the inside-top of the cups for added comfort and security. Complete with a non-slip silicone "stay-put" strip on the bottom band to help prevent that bra from shifting. Now that's a whole lot of support!




Now that we've shared three looks paired with the perfect products to support the ladies, we'd love to know - which is your favourite? Thanks for joining us and checking in with the Boob Positivity campaign. And a special thanks to the team at Knicker Locker for hosting us! 

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