Boob Positivity: Relationship with your boobs


With a body confidence revolution taking over the world, it's important to remember that our boobs are a huge part of our bodies as well, from the way they look to the way they feel. A lot of women are self-conscious about their boobs and end up comparing them to other women's. Our boobs are there, not only to compliment our bodies, but also to produce milk following pregnancy. They are unique, beautiful and provide a purpose in life. We need to embrace them!


A couple of facts on Boobs:

  • Fun names include boobies, fried eggs, shoulder boulders and melons. 
  • Most women have one breast bigger than the other. It's completely natural.
  • As we get older, connective tissues inside the breasts are replaced with fat, meaning the breasts loose firmness and droop.
  • Through pregnancy, hormones are released which can make your nipples darker. This fades after time.
  • Chemicals in cigarettes break down the body's elastin, leading to saggier breasts. (not good!)


This January we will be launching a series of blog posts to spread boob positivity throughout the world and encourage every woman to love and appreciate their boobs no matter the size, colour or shape. Let's start with the relationship you have with your boobs...

Every woman has different life experiences when it comes to their boobs, but it's good to remember some ways to love your boobs and keep them happy and healthy, just like your body. 


The many ways to love your boobs


  • Be healthy and include body positive habits in your lifestyle. This could be a new yoga or pilates class, having a massage, having a bath, eating more fruit and vegetables. Introducing some of these will help you build a better relationship with your body and therefore your boobs as well.


  • Exercise regularly and get a good sports bra. You don't need to exercise every day and you don't necessarily need to do vigorous exercise either. It's about moving your body and getting the blood flowing. Try going for a long walk on the weekend or go for a jog round the block.


  • Invest in great fitting bras that offer your breasts fantastic comfort and support. It's good to try on different bra styles to see what the best shape is for your boobs. It's incredible the difference great fitting underwear makes to your body shape and overall confidence. Read this Bra Fitting Guide for lots more information on getting the best bra fit.


  • Open up and talk positively about your breasts. Join some online groups as well on Facebook, Reddit etc. There is no such thing as the perfect boobs, there can be pros and cons to every breast size. It's good to remember that every breast is different and every breast is beautiful.


  • Know your own body and check your breasts regularly for signs or symptoms relating to breast cancer. It doesn't take long to do and could save your life in the future. Read here to find How to Regularly Check your Breasts


If you haven't already, search for #SaggyBoobsMatter and check out the body positivity movement that has already spread throughout social media. It was started by 23 year old Chidera Eggerue who encourages women to embrace their breasts no matter the shape or size, instead of resenting them. Read this article >


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