Bralettes for Bigger Boobs


Bralettes have become a massive fashion trend over the last 2 years. They are pretty, incredibly comfortable and can be worn as both underwear and outerwear. A bralette offers a new bra shape in the lingerie industry and has been driven by the popularity of 'athleisure'. This sporty luxe outerwear trend has been unstoppable the past year, where women wear soft crop tops or bralettes to the gym, the office or out to parties and events. Lingerie is beginning to fall in line with clothing and accessories, where by choosing lingerie is just as important as putting together your next outfit. 


What is a bralette?

A bralette is a soft cup bra with no underwires and triangle cups. They can be lacy, plain, have minimal padding or halter neck straps. They can be found virtually anywhere, even in clothing shops like New Look and Topshop. Deciding what bralette style you want will be down to your personal fashion style, whether you want a cotton crop top that looks sporty and chic or something more romantic with lace and colour.

It's fair to say that a bralette does not offer the same support or shape that an underwired bra does, so it's not recommended for everyday wear, especially for women who are fuller busted. 

Many women who buy bralettes are looking for a bra as loungewear, where they don't want to go braless, but they don't want to wear a bra either. It fills that gap perfectly. But if you hate wearing bras, full stop, these are the next best thing.



But what if you are fuller busted?

When it comes to big boobs, although we feel blessed, they can present certain problems when it comes to wearing fashion trends in lingerie and clothing. Many of us fuller busted women have admired bralettes from afar, knowing that they just won't work for us....until now!

Iconic lingerie brand, Cosabella, have released a new bralette designed for women with small waists and fuller busts. It's called the Never Say Never Curvy Sweetie™ Bralette.

It is quickly becoming Cosabella's top selling, highest rated bra style with only 6 unique sizes to choose from. It is beautiful and lacy with power mesh lined cups for lift and support. This season, Knicker Locker is stocking the stunning navy colour way as a new product launch for the Autumn. 



The Cosabella Never Say Never Curvy Sweetie™ Bralette ranges from bra sizes 28DD - 40H. It has bigger cups to support larger breast sizes, a smaller under-band to accommodate narrow rib cages and wide shoulder straps for optimal support.

Just what we have been waiting for, right?!

The launch of the Curvy Sweetie™ Bralette at Knicker Locker is on Friday 5th October 2018. 





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