Boob Positivity: 5 great lingerie blogs to follow


We thought our Boob Positivity campaign was a great way to highlight some of our favourite lingerie and fashion positivity blogs that we have come across in the past couple of months. Not only do they review lingerie and bra sets, but they are advocates for body confidence and boob positivity, showing all women to love their bodies and embrace what they have. 


Big Cup Little Cup

Run by Sian and Char. You'll find lingerie reviews, 'Guest Cups' undercover work in the lingerie underworld and all things bra related. They strive to feature diverse women of all shape and sizes to spread the message that beautiful and well-fitting lingerie is for everyone.



The Lingerie Journal

The Lingerie Journal's mission is to inform and inspire readers about amazing lingerie brands and designers from around the world. They are passionate about telling great stories, inspiring confidence and sharing swoon-worthy imagery. Updated daily with posts about new lingerie collections, lingerie brands, style advice, shopping guides, lingerie sale alerts and retail advice.


Curvy Girl Thin

Charli Russon from Curvy Girl Thin shares her many exploits in the wardrobe. She shares honest and reliable lingerie reviews and fashion tips to inspire women to find and embrace their own personal sense of style and confidence. 




Rachael from ukafrolista celebrates natural hair, beauty, women's empowerment and lifestyle. Rachael is known for her direct and honest approach, highlighting issues that provoke conversation, thoughts and exploring avenues of change towards creating equality amongst all.



Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

Georgina Horne from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust is a UK based dress loving, plus sized, big boobied, lingerie obsessed, bra fitting enthusiast who hates body snark. Starting as a hobby back in 2011, it soon became a full blown passion, giving way to modelling experiences, international press coverage and lots of readers. 



Lingerie Giveaway

Our Boob Positivity Lingerie Giveaway is nearly over with only a couple more days to go! 

Don't forget to enter to be with a chance to win lots of lingerie goodies and a Gossard lingerie set! You have till end of day Friday 31st January 2020.


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