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Top Tips and Essentials for your Lingerie Drawer


1. Have a lingerie clear out

It's inevitable...Every woman keeps her favourite bra in the back of the lingerie drawer even though it may not fit anymore.  This season we want to say 'bye' to bras that don't fit and replace them with bras that fit perfectly, look great and feel fabulous! Here at Knicker Locker HQ, we believe perfect fitting lingerie makes a huge difference to your posture, waist and the way your clothes hang.  We recommend trying on all your bras and following our Perfect Bra Fit Guide to check your bras fit correctly, otherwise put them in a bag and recycle them.  Yeah that's right, recycle them!  "Against Breast Cancer" is a charity raising funds for research by collecting unwanted and ill-fitting bras.  This also helps to support small businesses in Africa where bras still remain too expensive to produce locally.  Find out where your nearest Bra Bank is:



2. Invest in the Essentials

It's incredibly important to have great fitting essentials in your lingerie drawer that you can pull out anytime and know they will look and feel great.

Let's start with a basic T-shirt bra...  They certainly aren't the prettiest things to purchase, but it is surprising how many times you need one! T-shirt bras come in many different styles.  Moulded cups are the most popular choice as they give a smooth rounded shape but you can get them without any padding if you prefer.  Make sure you find a shape that is comfortable and supportive and that you know will sit under most of your clothes.  If you are unsure on your bra size, try out the new Bra Size Calculator.  

What colour should I go for?  Always opt for the nude colour if you can!  Some people also refer to this as "skin" or "cappuccino" or even "cafe latte", but under any of your outfits it simply will not show.  You can wear it under black, white and colours for a great look.  White is a common colour in t-shirt bras even though it's not the best colour choice.  Under white shirts it creates an outline, under dark colours it stands out and the colour doesn't wash as well as others.

So when you are next thinking about your summer wardrobe make sure you have a T-shirt Bra to compliment all of your outfits!

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Seamless knickers are a must have for the Spring/Summer season, they have no elastic across the knicker line, they therefore sit discreetly under skirts, trousers or dresses, this is also known as VPL (Visible Panty Line).  They are generally plain because they are for comfort and functionality rather than fashion, although more recently manufacturing companies are incorporating seamless knickers into their fashion lines.

To eliminate the seams, companies use lasers to cut the fabric pieces which give neat edges and sit flat against the skin.  Most seamless underwear is made from soft, stretch fabrics such as Jersey, Modal or Microfibre as they lie more smoothly across the body and can be pulled taught around each individuals curves without bunching up. 

The most popular colours are white, black and nude as they match most bra sets and sit well under outfits.  Black is a favourite for wearing in the evening and nude is perfect for white trousers and anything else.  

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With every strapless outfit you should have a good strapless bra to compliment it.  It's important to make sure, as with every bra, that it fits you correctly and gives you the shape and support you want. However, you must remember that strapless bras never give you the same shape and support as a 'normal' bra would as they are structured in a different way.  They generally have a high centre front, full coverage and rubber silicone around the under-band to stop them slipping down.  From experience, we all know that strapless bras are not very comfortable but they serve a purpose for all those awkward tops and dresses hidden in our wardrobe!  Make sure you get a good fitting strapless bra that you can keep in your lingerie drawer for whenever you need it. 

Follow the same techniques to fit your strapless bra or use our new Bra Size Calculator to help. 

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3. Don't be afraid of colour

At Knicker Locker we all love colour! So don't be afraid to be daring and different when picking out your lingerie this season.  We understand it may not be practical but it will definitely make you feel sexy and sassy on the inside!  If you want to look good you have to feel good, and we believe it all starts with the underwear.  There is a huge variety of pretty, colourful bras available, no matter your bra size.  Fuller cup brands include Freya, Fantasie and Tutti Rouge or other brands include B.Tempt'd and Wacoal.  Throughout each season you will find gorgeous fashion ranges and new colours to tickle your fancy so don't be afraid to try something new! 

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4.  Awkward tops? Don't forget your accessories

Being in the lingerie industry, we have learnt when buying clothes to always think about the underwear as well.  Some tops and dresses are so elaborate nowadays it's difficult to wear a 'normal' bra underneath them.  This is where brands such as Magic BodyFashion come in.  They produce easy solutions that help combat awkward outfits and make you look all of a piece!  These accessories are perfect for storing away in your lingerie drawer ready for any occasion. 

Backless Beauty: Perfect for any backless tops/dresses. With foam cups and a layer of adhesive they stick to the breasts and clip in the centre for uplift.  

Low Back Strap: This can be used on any bra to create a low back solution.  It attaches to the bra hooks and creates a V shape at the back.  

Magic Clip: This immediately changes your bra straps into a racer-back.  It's unique design can be used on the front and back of bras for a versatile look.

Fashion Tape: This tape is ideal to use on skin, lingerie and clothing to make sure nothing slips, slides or shows. It's ideal for any occasion. 



5. Lightweight Nightwear for those warm nights

It's important to not only look good when you go out but also when your tucked up at home.  Spring brings those lovely bright, warm nights, but make sure you have something lightweight and cool for when you go to bed.  Our Cotton Pyjamas by Vanilla Night & Day are perfect for this time of year.  Cotton is breathable, allowing for air circulation and won't irritate the skin.  They are beautifully feminine and incredibly stylish! 

Our new nightwear pieces from Lingadore are a must have for the night-time.  With satin fabric and delicate lace trim they are elegant and lightweight to keep you sexy and cool at the same time!

Nightdresses that consist of mesh fabric are ideal for packing in your holiday bag.  Not only are they extremely thin and cool but they don't weigh much and they won't crease as much as other fabrics.  Brands such as Wacoal and B.Tempt'd are known to create these beautiful styles. 

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6. Caring for your Lingerie

Lingerie is delicate and pretty but it is responsible for looking after your body and works hard to do so, so it's important to look after it.  With the correct care, your bras and knickers should last so much longer.  We always advise to follow the care information on the label for the best results as well as some of our top tips.

At Knicker Locker, we recommend that you hand wash all lingerie including suspender belts, hosiery and slips.  This will make sure they all keep their best qualities like colour, softness and elasticity.  We keep the perfect rinse-free solution, Soak Wash, it is designed to hand-wash all your favourites and it comes in a selection of wonderful fragrances!   

Unless the care label advises it, we do not recommend machine washing your lingerie.  This can cause garments to shrink, misshape the underwires and discolour fabrics.  If you feel this is necessary, our Laundry Bag will help protect your lingerie from damage.  

For more advice on Caring for your Lingerie: Click Here


 With these great tips and essentials you will be well on your way to a stylish Spring/Summer season full of parties, cocktails and easy sleeping.  Just remember nothing is impossible with the right set of underwear! 

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