New Year New You

The New Year is here and I can guarantee most of us will have a few new years resolutions to tick! We all have great ambitions and goals for the year and a very popular New Years resolution is to exercise more often and get fit and healthy. 

 I understand this resolution all too well as it is one I have made many times! But in all honesty I have come to realise that, yes, exercising is good for your body and mind but you don't have to go mad with it. Taking the first steps are definitely the hardest, but when you fall into a routine of exercising twice a week you learn to enjoy it and it feels good!

Best tips to start exercising:

  • Find a buddy - This could be your best friend, work colleague or even your husband. Having a partner to exercise helps motivate you.
  • Yoga, Aerobics or Pilates class - Classes are a great way to socialise and burn calories at the same time!
  • Exercise with a personal trainer - Personal trainers can help you with your body targets and goals. They can show you great exercise routines that work specially for you.



In order to get the most out of exercise and sports activities, it's important to wear the appropriate sports gear. This includes trainers, sport bra and sports clothes. Most activewear will have properties that can make you feel extremely comfortable and supported when exercising. 

High performance fabrics - Terms such as 'breathable' and 'moisture wicking' are used a lot in sportswear, but what do they actually mean?

  • Moisture Wicking - This means the wicking fabric pulls the moisture from the body to the exterior of the clothes where it can evaporate more easily. 
  • Breathable - This means the fabric allows air to pass through it, so it doesn't become too hot or uncomfortable and the perspiration can evaporate.

Other properties for activewear include:

  • Flat seams to avoid chafing
  • Padded straps so they don't dig in
  • Racerback option so straps don't fall off or irritate
  • High necklines for extra support
  • Fitted shapes for comfort
  • Secret pockets to store your phone or iPod



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Active Zip Plunge Sports Bra | Shock Absorber

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Ultimate Fly Bra | Shock Absorber

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As some of you may know, our lovely blogger Jess, did a review on the ultimate fly bra and tested it on the Tough Mudder course! Check out her review here >>



Yesterday evening, I started up running again for the first time in 2 months, and although my legs ache a bit today, I'm extremely happy I that I did it! Sometimes it's getting that little bit of energy and motivation to start, but it's all worth while in the end! 





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