Let's get Twisted

Helloo sexy! This month, I've delved into the world of Twisted Lingerie, provocative, sexy, unique - all the things you need to make you feel like a total goddess and get those hearts racing in the bedroom! 

To make it even better, I also got the pleasure of having a Q&A with Sophie Thorne, Twisted's founder, to find out the background behind such a unique and sexy brand.

(Don't worry, I'll save decking the halls and jingling the bells til next month!)



Twisted Lingerie was founded in 2016 by Sophie Thorne, her aim was to fill a new gap in the market - sexy and seductive lingerie that has all the same amount of style and seduction as luxury designer brands but without the hefty price tag. Twisted Lingerie boasts unique designs, high quality production and  pricing that won't break the bank.

Their mission? 'To empower women to embrace their desires and make every day that little bit naughtier.'





1) What first made you decide to go into designing lingerie?


I’ve always been obsessed by lingerie; whilst my friends drooled over designer shoes and handbags, I was obsessed with Bordelle and Nichole de Carle, and would spend my weekends loitering in either Coco de Mer or Agent Provocateur. As I became more familiar with the industry, I noticed the ever-increasing gap between cheap-and- tacky and super high-end lingerie. As I saw it, not many of my girlfriends felt comfortable spending £250 on a lingerie set but they didn’t necessarily want to buy a bright red push-up bra either. I felt there was a gap in the intimates market that the wider fashion industry had already acknowledged and started to fill: I could pick up a new dress from Zara or Topshop for £30 but I wasn’t able to find well-made and well-priced provocative lingerie – the kind made to made for after-dark frolicking rather than functionality – to wear underneath it. Twisted was born out of a desire to build an accessibly-priced brand, without compromising on design or production quality. I really believe that women shouldn’t have to wait for a special occasion to treat themselves to beautiful lingerie (the same goes for wearing it, of course!) so I wanted to give them a reason to make every day that little bit naughtier without breaking the bank.


 2) What is the background story of Twisted Lingerie?


Twisted was a several-years- in-the- making project. Since my background isn’t in lingerie (or even in fashion) - I’m a management consultant by trade -, it was a steep learning curve and a lot of hard work to get from my initial idea to launch. From ordering every “How to run a fashion business” book Amazon had on offer to competitor research at every lingerie shop within a 100-mile radius of my home, to business plan writing and brand development, to pattern-making and god knows how many sample iterations, to the hunt for a factory that not only met my quality standards but would also accept the tiny order quantities (I eventually settled on a small factory in Latvia), to pricing and distribution decisions, to production, shipping and launch. It’s exhausting just writing that list and it’s only a whistle-stop tour!


3) What inspires your designs?


Madonna’s Rebel Heart album cover was as an early inspiration for our debut collection. I felt that the image of “the rebel” with her face bound accurately reflected a world where many women still feel conflicted and repressed about communicating their desires. I wanted to peel back the layers of what it means to feel sexually empowered, blurring the lines between underwear and outerwear with a dynamic mix and match collection which makes a statement whether its concealed under a suit or worn later that night in the bedroom. The Xenia collection is about taking control and not being shy about it, a homage to the women who want a little bit of everything…with a cherry on top.


4) What is your favourite design?


The Xenia Goddess set (knickers, frame bra and suspender) – I think the combination looks so fierce and full of attitude.


5) What's next for Twisted Lingerie?


We don’t want to give too much away just yet but we’ve started work on our next collection which we’ll look to launch in the new year…


6) What is your best advice for anyone looking to buy a new bra?


For the types of bras that we design and sell at Twisted, I’d say how it makes you feel. That of course extends to sizing – an ill-fitting bra (or any other item of clothing for that matter) never looks good and is unlikely to make you feel great – but I’m a big believer in a concept we call “Lingerie Confident”, i.e. lingerie is a way of feeling confident. I think the first step to unleashing your inner babe is what lies beneath... Feeling fab under your clothes is a MUST, regardless of whether anyone else will sneak a peek of you in it or not. At Twisted we believe lingerie can and SHOULD be about more than just sex; lingerie should be something that women wear for themselves that makes them look and feel as good as they deserve.



Cracking advice if you ask me! 


If you yourself are looking to release your carnal side, or are on the hunt for the perfect thing to spice things up then look no further...

Twisted Lingerie's debut collection 'Xenia' is an online exclusive with mix and match sets even including a playsuit and babydoll to heat things up and bring pleasure to your lingerie drawer. Each piece is guaranteed to excite and set pulses racing - With prices starting at £17, it's time to let your hair down and get twisted...



The Xenia Bra is the the way forward if you want to get those pulses racing - with bold X-shape straps and sheer mesh fabric, there certainly won't be much left to the imagination! 




Minimal coverage, maximum impact. The Xenia Knicker combines sheer mesh elastic and flattering elastic straps for a look that will leave jaws on the floor!




The delectable Xenia Suspender Belt creates killer curves! With a harness effect over your hips and waist - Wear with the the Xenia knicker & bra for a show stopping look. 




Feel like you've stolen the show with the Xenia Babydoll - It's created with a soft mesh skirt and a risqué bondage bra top for a sultry, boudoir style. 



Feeling  risqué? Shop the full range here >>





I was really excited to write this, even more excited to get to ask Sophie what made such a unique and powerful brand come to life. It just goes to show that if you have a passion for something, the possibilities are endless. When women empower each other, we are capable of anything and our confidence knows no bounds. The thing that Sophie said, which stood out most for me was;

"I’m a big believer in a concept we call “Lingerie Confident”, i.e. lingerie is a way of feeling confident. I think the first step to unleashing your inner babe is what lies beneath... Feeling fab under your clothes is a MUST, regardless of whether anyone else will sneak a peek of you in it or not."

I couldn't agree more. We live in a world where media and society are all telling us to look a specific way - If it's not being stick thin and flat chested, it's having big boobs, small waist and a bum like Kimmy K. If it's not having a natural look that apparently all men prefer, it's an instagram feed full of contoured faces, fake eyelashes and HD brows, the list is endless. At least with your lingerie, only you and a lucky few, know what's going on underneath and what makes you feel sexy is something that society cannot dictate to you.  





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