Valentines Day - Love blossoms with Lingerie


Tuesday 14th February

This year instead of the Red roses and Black Lingerie, we want you to discover the beauty of Valentines Day with soft pastel shades, beautiful floral colours and elegant styles. Spoil her with our selection of Lingerie and Nightwear adorned in Mint Green, Crystal Rose and subtle florals and pick up a bouquet of pink roses to finish off. To celebrate this occasion, Knicker Locker has...  


FREE Standard Delivery on all Orders from 1st - 14th February

& Sweets treats in all the parcels 






 For those who are not well versed at Lingerie Shopping, we have put together an easy guide for you to follow that will make your shopping experience much easier.


And of course we can't forget the men in our lives, especially for Valentines Day! Our new printed Boxer Shorts from Waxx and Pull-In are not subtle but colourful and tasteful that all men would love to wear. The printed Microfibre is highly popular, extremely comfortable and the clarity of the print is unaffected with washing.





Significance of Pink Roses 


The Pink rose symbolises romance, affection, grace and gentility. It's soft blushing beauty is perfect for Valentines Day especially if you are in a new relationship. 

The first trace of the pink rose was found in fossils over 40 million years ago and recent evidence shows pink roses were grown in China's Imperial Rose Gardens about 5,000 years ago. They were the first colour rose to be cultivated as they are most common in the wild.  The Victorians used to decorate everything with pink roses including wallpaper and greeting cards. 



Valentines Day Dessert Recipes


Strawberry Ripple Creams  



250g Sliced Strawberries

3 individual Meringues (homemade or bought)

275ml Double Cream

1/2 Vanilla Bean or 1 tsp Vanilla Extract

2 tbsp Sugar

Sprigs of Mint


For Strawberry Sauce

200g Strawberries

50g Caster or Icing Sugar


1. To make the strawberry sauce, blend 200g of Strawberries with roughly 50g of the Caster/Icing Sugar until you have a smooth puree.

3. To make the Vanilla Cream, add the Double Cream, Sugar and Vanilla extract (or seeds from Vanilla bean) into a large bowl and beat with an electric mixer until the cream just holds soft peaks.

3. Take 2 -4 glasses (you could use wine glasses or sundae glasses) and randomly layer up the sliced strawberries, crumbled meringue and vanilla cream to create a ripple effect. Top each glass off with a sprig of mint. 



Chocolate Cake Pops



75g Softened Butter/Margarine

100g Caster Sugar

2 Medium Eggs

1/2 tsp Vanilla Essence

100g Self-Raising Flour

1 tbsp Cocoa Powder

1/2 tsp Baking Powder

200g Chocolate Frosting

10 -12 Cake Pop Sticks



25g Chocolate (to secure the sticks)

200g Chocolate

100g Sprinkles


1. Preheat oven to 170C (Fan 150C) 

2. Cream the Butter and Caster Sugar, then beat in the 2 Eggs and Vanilla Essence. Fold in the Flour, Cocoa and Baking Powder to an even consistency.

3. Spread in a lined cake tin and cook for about 30 - 40 minutes or until springy on top. 

4. When it's completely cool, cut into large square chunks and place into a bowl. 

5. With your hands, crumble the cake to a breadcrumb consistency. Use your hands again to work in the Chocolate Frosting adding a spoonful at a time until it resembles a mouldable crumb mixture. 

6. Roll your cake mixture into round balls (about 1/2 -2 inch diameter). Try not to squash them too much as you don't want them to be too dense. 

7. With the 25g of melted Chocolate, dip each Cake Pop Stick in, then push it about half way into the cake ball.

8. Repeat with all the sticks and cake balls so they look equal. Put them in the fridge to chill for at least an hour or two. 

9. Melt the 200g of Chocolate in a bowl and put the sprinkles in a separate bowl next to it. (Make sure you keep the Cake Pops as cold as possible)

10. Dip each Cake Pop in the melted Chocolate and twist a few more times to get the drips off. Before the chocolate dries up, dip the Cake Pops into the sprinkles and cover completely. 

11. Stand the Cake Pops up in a box lid or Polystyrene so they are upright while the set. 



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Spend an evening with your loved ones...cook dinner, have dessert and curl up with a glass of bubbly. To top it off make sure you spoil them rotten with a special lingerie treat!




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