Mothers Day - A Dedication to all the Mums


Sunday 6th March 2016 


10 Quotes From Top Celebrities  

"I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is." - Oprah Winfrey

"Motherhood has a very humanising effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials." - Meryl Streep

"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." - Abraham Lincoln

"My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her." - George Washington

"My mother's wonderful. To me she's perfection." - Micheal Jackson 

"A mother's arms are more comforting than anyone else's." - Princess Diana

"My mother is a walking miracle." - Leonardo DiCaprio

"My mother is my root, my foundation. She planted the seed that I base my life on, and that is the belief that the ability to achieve starts in your mind." - Michael Jordan

"Having children just puts the whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears." - Kate Winslet

"God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers." - Rudyard Kipling 


The History of Mothers Day

Mothers Day originally dates back to the 1600s in England. Commonly known as Mothering Sunday, it is celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday during Lent.  Early Christians celebrated this event in honour of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ.  After a prayer service in the church, children would pay tribute to their own mothers by bringing gifts and flowers.  Also on this day, servants, apprentices and employees would have the day off and were encouraged to return to their home and spend the day with their mothers. 

In 1908 Anna Jarvis, of West Virginia, was the first person in America to organise a Mother's Day celebration in memory of her own mother who died three years earlier.  She campaigned to have Mother's Day recognised as a public holiday and eventually succeeded.  However, after that Anna spent most of her time and wealth fighting the holiday she worked so hard to establish when it became, in her oppinion, over commercommercialised with no regard to the original sentimental value of Mothers Day.

Through this period, inspired by Anna Jarvis, Constance Penswick-Smith created the Mothering Sunday Movement and wrote a book for the revival of this event.  The influences of World War II, the original traditions of Mothering Sunday and the relentless commercial opportunities for retail merchants resulted in Mother's Day being celebrated across the world. 


Mothers Day around the world

Fourth Sunday of Lent - UK, Ireland and Nigeria

Second Sunday in May - US and most other countries

8th March - Romania, Slovenia and others

21st March - Egypt, Syria, Iraq and others

First Sunday of May - Spain, Portugal and others

10th May - Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico

Last Sunday of May (Sometimes first Sunday of June) - Sweden, France and others

26th May - Poland

Last Sunday of November - Russia 

22nd December - Indonesia 


Phone traffic around the world is known to spike as much as 37% on Mother's Day due to all the phone calls to mothers!



What do you buy the mum that has it all?

We know all mums are unique and there is nothing better than getting them the perfect gift to show how you love and care for them.  Buying a present for Mothers Day is not easy and every year you could end up buying the same thing, but we want to show you that buying a present can be easy!  We have put together a special Knicker Locker gift guide that we know mothers will love based on their personal hobbies and interests.   

As well as our selection of Mothers Day gifts, we have FREE Standard Delivery on all Orders till Sunday 6th March.  Another great reason to shop at Knicker Locker.


For mums who love to travel?

Is your mother a keen traveller or maybe she just loves to visit new places all over the world?  When travelling, it's important to have great swimwear that will last and look fabulous.  Our bestselling brands, Moontide and Seaspray create stylish swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis for all ages, whether your mum prefers subtle colours or something more exotic!

The Jane Swimsuit from Moontide captures the exotic landscape of the Caribbean with its abstract floral print and wild colours.  It additionally and more importantly provides a great shape with a flattering gathered front.  Perfect for any holiday!  

The Just Colour Draped Bandeau Swimsuit from Seaspray is a beautiful light control style with a detachable halter strap.  Ideal for sunbathing at the beach or by the pool.  

Take a look at our swimwear collection for other styles to suit your mum: Knickerlocker/Swimwear  




Is she a real house mum?

We all love our mums at home!  It doesn't matter if you have moved out or are still at home, there is always something, no matter how small, that your dear mum will be doing for you.  Picking up some shopping, doing the laundry, cooking a sunday roast for the family or ensuring you remember an appointment, completely true right?  Well in order to spoil your mum rotten, we want to introduce you to two of our favourite accessories that are sure to put a smile on her face.

The Laundry Bag is a bestseller and perfect for all her favourite lingerie and garments.  It protects them in the washing machine from heat, colour and fabric damage so they are kept in great condition and last so much longer. 

Check out the Magic Laundry Bag: Knickerlocker/MagicLaundryBag

Soak Wash is a great rinse-free formulation for hand-washing and machine-washing.  It is made from plant derived & renewable ingredients making it environmentally friendly.  It is designed to wash all the items your mother cherishes and the fragrances are light and fresh so they won't leave any overbearing scents on your garments.

Find all the fragrances here: Knickerlocker/Soakwash  



Does your mum love being at home in her comfys?

There is nothing better than curling up in your favourite loungewear and relaxing for the evening.  Mothers are constantly busy throughout the day, so treat her to some gorgeous nightwear or loungewear to show her sometimes she just needs to chill out!  Vanilla Night & Day create luxury styles including pyjamas, dressing gowns and nightdresses to make sure your mum stays comfortable and elegant throughout the evening.


Does your mum love to have a bit of fun?

Who doesn't like to have some fun?  If your mum loves to look her best and dress up for special occasions, these helpful accessories from Magic Bodyfashion are the perfect present for her.  Our Fashion Tape is great under any outfit to avoid anything sliding, opening up or slipping down.  It's a must have for any lingerie drawer! 

The Magic Clip is a bonus for any awkward tops and dresses that are cut away at the back or the front.  This simple clip attaches to the bra straps and immediately changes them into a racer-back.

Find out more great bra solutions here: Knickerlocker/MagicBodyfashion



Is your mum a fitness freak?

For all mums who love to run or take exercise classes, our Shock Absorber Sports Bras are great for any activities.

The Ultimate Run Bra is an award winning style that every runner should have in their lingerie drawer. With padded straps, reflective tape and a unique racer-back it's perfect for the outdoors. Grab it in this great fashion colour at Knickerlocker/UltimateRunBra

The Multi Sports Support Bra in Red has integrated cup lining for extra firm control and can be used for a diverse range of sports and exercises. The fabric is moisture wicking, breathable and quick-drying for the best performance possible. Get it here at: Knickerlocker/MultiSportsSupportBra



New Mums or Soon-to-be-Mums

Being a new mother is a great achievement and a beautiful occasion.  It is important for any new mum to have the correct fitting maternity and nursing bras to make sure she is comfortable and supported at all times.  Our collection of Maternity & Nursing bras from Royce Lingerie are fashionable and provide a great fit for all the mothers up to an H cup.  A selection of our Soft Cup Bras are also great during pregnancy if you prefer something slightly more lacy and colourful.  

Check out the Knicker Locker guide to Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Knickerlocker/Maternity&Nursing


Whilst investigating the traditions of Mothers Day, we came across an article on the Daily Mail website that shows the similarities between mothers and daughters.  We thought it was great.  Although, we don't believe it's complete proof that all daughters will look like their mothers when they are older!

Take a look: Daily Mail/Mothers & Daughters


We all love our mums! So whether she is always by your side or miles away from home, just remember to get her something special this Mothers Day. 

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