How to Measure my Bra Size at Home


Measuring your bra size is not as easy as ABC. There are many things to consider when bra fitting, including your breast shape, the bra style and the lingerie brand. Many women like to go to a local bra fitting shop to get expert advice on bra sizes and styles, however, for some women, it's finding the time and motivation to do this, which isn't always easy! 

It is possible to measure your bra size at home with the use of online bra fitting guides and your own initiative. It's a good idea to understand how a good fitting bra should look and feel on you, as well as the differences in cup and back sizes. You must remember that there is no right or wrong answer! At the end of the day, it's what feels and looks comfortable on you.


There are rules to know how well a bra should fit you:

  • The under-band should be on the loosest hook and eye around the back.
  • The under-band should not ride up the back, but sit parallel all the way around.
  • There should be no bulging or creasing in the cups.
  • The underwires should sit flat in the centre front and not dig in anywhere.


Most expert bra fitters will start by using a tape measure to find the bra size. This will not give you a completely accurate bra size, but it can be a very good starting position. You can, however, do this at home by yourself or with help from a partner by following some simple instructions. 

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Another way to find out your bra size is by using a Bra Size Calculator and answering some simple questions. This again will give you a good starting position to try some bras on and see what they fit like. You may find that your bra size will adjust slightly when trying on the bras, so it's best to check the rules on how they fit and assess each bra when trying them on.



How Do Bra Sizes Work

There are 2 things you have to take into consideration when measuring for your bra size. The back size and the cup size. The back size is the number, and the cup size is the letter.

The back size takes into account the width of your back and how tight the under-band is on the bra., where as the cup size takes into account the fullness of your breasts.

One thing to remember, when working out bra sizes, is that the cup size and back size are relative. If you go down in the back size, you need to increase the cup size. And if you go up in the back size, you need to go down in the cup size. 

E.G. A 32C is the same in the cup size as a 34B, but the 32C is slightly firmer around the back.


How to Choose the Right Bra Size

There are quite a few bra styles to choose from, and you will find that some bra styles will suit you better than others. When measuring for your bra size, you also need to consider the bra style, as you may find that the bra size is correct, but the style does not suit your breast shape.

The most popular bra styles are: 

  • Full Cup Bra
  • Balcony Bra
  • Padded Plunge Bra
  • Push Up Bra
  • T-Shirt Bra

It's a great idea to try a selection of different bra styles to see which shape you prefer and which ones you find more comfortable. You will also find that lingerie brands will come up slightly differently in shape and size., and generally there will be a couple of brands that suit your breast shape. That's why women will tend to stick to brands that they know and have worn previously. 

Don't be afraid to have a go at measuring your bra size, and experiment with different bra styles. Bra fitting is a lot like clothing with the sizes and brands, so it will take a bit of patience and trying on to find the right ones. Once you've found the right bra size and fit, you will feel supported, comfortable and fabulous!



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