My Lessons in Lingerie


Have you ever wore a top that you felt you were falling out of, tight fitting trousers that show every line of your knickers or the wrong sports bra that really doesn't do you any justice when you're exercising?

I think we've all experience times like this before! Wearing the wrong size, shape or even colour can make us uncomfortable and quite frankly feel a bit rubbish. Lingerie should make us feel good and boost our self confidence since we spend much of our daily lives wearing it.

Research currently shows that approximately 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, with one in four not having been professionally measured in 20 years.

Personally, I have learnt some valuable lessons about bra fitting including knowing the correct shape and size to wear and how to know if a bra fits or not. I was lucky in that my sister started off her career in lingerie at an early age, so I had great insight when I was younger to the vast amounts of bra styles and shapes available including professional help and and guidance when needed.


Where to get help with Bra Fitting?


Not all women have the time and knowledge to get the correct help and advice about lingerie and bra fitting, as it can be a Knicker Locker have created the ultimate set of guides that you can read in your own time and will teach you everything you need to know about lingerie, terminology, breast shapes, measurements, how to check your breasts and lingerie care.

It includes specific 'How To' guides such as How to measure your bra size at Home, How to Put on a Bra, How Should a Bra Fit and our very own troubleshooting page Common Bra Fitting Problems.




  • Self-confidence - nothing beats feeling good in a matching lingerie set.
  • Posture - the instant change in your posture certainly makes a difference.
  • Comfort - the right size and shape means complete comfort, no gaps or digging straps.
  • Quality - it's worth spending the money for better quality that will last longer.





  • If you are unsure about anything, speak to someone who knows what they are talking about - although the Knicker Locker BRA FITTING GUIDES are a great start!
  • Get properly fitted - never guess! The best thing I did was get a bra fitting, so I knew exactly what shape and size to look for. If you ever feel you have changed bra size, get fitted again - the wrong size can cause all sorts of problems.
  • Have an idea of what bra style you are looking for - whether it's for comfort, a plunge bra or a bralette, why not even try a few new shapes?
  • It's worth spending money on good lingerie - they will wear better and last a lot longer.
  • Keep the shoulder straps at the right length - you can definitely tell the difference! The more you wear the bra, the looser they get - keep adjusting them to the correct position.
  • Enjoy buying lingerie and matching sets. It's just like buying clothes!









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