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Before I start focusing on this amazing new product from Shock Absorber and all it's wonderful benefits, I'm going to ask the questions, what is a sports bra and why do we wear them? We've all heard how important it is too look after our breasts - from checking them regularly to the benefits of a good fitting bra. However, a lot of people still underestimate the power of a well fitting sports bra.

We've all been there, running up the stairs without a bra on for example, I can't be the only one who thinks I'm at risk of being hit in the face? Not to mention it is actually a surprisingly painful experience! In fact 50% of women report some discomfort or pain during physical exercise, however this massively varies depending on what they are wearing and the intensity of the training, still though, 50%? Madness, especially when I can wholeheartedly vouch that there are some fantastic sports bras out there within your very reach... 

ANYWAY, to answer my first two questions, what is a sports bra and why do we wear them? A sports bra is a bra (obviously) that provides extra support to the breasts whilst performing physical exercise, although some ladies do prefer wearing them just out of pure comfort. 

Ultimately we wear them for the following reasons:

Minimize bounce

Minimize pain and/or discomfort

Regulate temperature

Avoid unwelcome wandering eyes 

Supportive alternative to underwires


As you can see, they are a great wardrobe staple for anyone and not just marathon runners or gym enthusiasts, we can all benefit!

FUN FACT: Studies have shown that when a woman runs, more than 50% of the breasts movement is vertical, 27% is in and out (this amazed me!) and 22% horizontal! Essentially moving in a figure of 8, so they really do bounce around everywhere! 



Sports bras usually come in 3 different impact levels:


HIGH IMPACT: These sports bras are usually worn during activities such as tennis, running and circuits. They are designed with incredibly firm fabric to enable the best support around the bust and back as well as having high necklines for complete coverage.

MEDIUM IMPACT: Medium impact sports bras are usually worn for activities such as weight training. The fabric is still reasonably firm and like the high impact bras, usually have a high neck line. 

LOW IMPACT: These tend to be worn for activities such as yoga or even housework. Designed more to look like a crop top, they are great for cup sizes between an A and DD. 





I got the hugely enjoyable job of wear testing The Ultimate Fly Bra as it's one of knicker lockers latest arrivals of sports bra and with a name like that I was expecting great things - I was not disappointed!




I particularly liked the colour combination of grey and lime green, bit out of my comfort zone but it worked really well. The lime green actually sits on the inside of the bra and at the back so it's not totally on show but it still adds to the appeal and makes it more interesting than just grey. It boasts lightness and support to make it feel like your wearing a second skin and has patented cross control technology combined with a laser cut 3D spacer for minimal movement and great looking shape. Both of these statements I can totally agree with, I was really pleased with the shape it gave me, although I did feel as though it made me look slightly bustier it was nothing drastic and overall the look was ideal. To be honest, I think it's almost impossible to say you can't feel a bra, of course you can. Particularly with sports bras I like to know I am wearing one so I can physically feel the support and firmness so I was rather pleased when I put the Fly Bra on and the cups felt beautifully soft but I could still feel the support at the back and under my bust.


Overall very happy so far, but what happened when it was put to work...


(I cannot stress enough how much the racer back made such a difference to my overall performance!)




The first time I wore this bra was to the South West Tough Mudder Run and for anybody who doesn't know, Tough Mudder is a 10 mile run with 20 different (rather challenging) obstacles to get through before being electrocuted (I'm not joking) and rewarded with a pint,  so I can safely say this bra was well and truly put to it's ultimate test. One of the features I was most keen to test was the fact that The fly bra is also a racer back, complete  with non-slip padded straps which I found the most useful thing about the entire bra if I'm completely honest! Together with running I was also crawling along the floor on my stomach, being pulled, pushed, chucked and dunked in water and not once did the straps move - massive success if you ask me, I can't stand it when my straps fall down, aside from it not being a great look it gets really tedious constantly having to yank up your straps! But these did not budge. As far as movement was concerned I barely noticed any bounce or movement, in fact I think my boobs were the most well protected parts of my body and probably the only part of my body that didn't ache the next day! Another feature of this bra is that is has moisture wicking fabrics and a brushed elastic underband to reduce friction. Now, I won't lie...I am a sweaty person and when I work out I get super sweaty -  in the past I have endured red marks and the infamous sweaty underboob, however what I did notice whilst I was collapsed in a heap on the grass after completing Tough Mudder (woohoo!), that my boobs weren't running in sweat. This mesmerized me, so I took it off in the changing rooms to be sure and was thoroughly pleased that there were no sign of any red marks either.

Over all, I would highly recommend the Ultimate Fly Bra to anyone who does any type of exercise. It's incredibly comfortable to wear, the straps don't go anywhere and boob sweat and offensive red marks are barely there. It's a 10/10 from me!







Shock Absorber are a leading sports bra brand in the UK. They commission scientific research from the University of Portsmouth which enable them to test their products and design new styles for various sports. Shock Absorber knows the importance of wearing a good sports bra and have made sure each of their designs are comfortable and supportive. Each of their garments is made with high quality, durable, breathable fabric as well as it being quick drying and moisture wicking so you can concentrate solely on your performance and nothing else. 

Research carried out at the University of Edinburgh University is what prompted the development of the original Shock Absorber bra to prevent the negative effects that exercise can have on your bust and what a marvellous job they have done.





(Don't forget, if you're unsure of how a sports bra should fit, you can visit our sports bra information page here)













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Personally, we should all embrace the sports bra. I for sure have a new favourite and it will be coming with me to every gym visit, dog walk and trip round the house with the hoover. But in all seriousness. you will thank your older self for looking after your boobs now. We all joke about our boobs hitting the floor when we're old, but by doing what you can now, you might be able to avoid tripping over them for that little bit longer! 






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